St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

155 Aldershot Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8YH

In The Event Of Snow

Here is some information on how this will be managed when snow falls.



School Open This is where snowfall has a minor impact on travel and the school is able to function at close to normal levels.

School Open with restricted service Snowfall will in many instances result in staff and children not being able to travel to school. In this instance, we will ask that parents keep their child/ren at home, if at all possible. This will enable us to deploy staff that are able to get in to school to supervise children, whose parents are not able to keep their child/ren at home or find alternative child care.

In the event of a restricted service, children attending school will not necessarily follow the normal curriculum or procedures. The school will use those teachers and other staff, who are able to attend school to supervise the children in the first instance and provide a range of activities outside of the normal curriculum. This is designed to support essential services in the local community.


School Closure This is a last resort and only used when snowfall is quite severe.

The school may close during snow when the following factors occur:

  • Insufficient Staff are able travel into school for us to run a safe and proper service.
  • The grounds may be unsafe for people and vehicles to use the site.
  • Deciding to close the school is always a difficult decision and we do not make this lightly. Unfortunately this is an area where there is never a consensus.


Help there will often be a request for help during snowfall. This will be aimed at making the grounds safe to use by clearing paths and roadways on the school grounds. Volunteering to help with this helps to ensure that the school stays open or helps the school to re-open more quickly. In order to facilitate this, we may need to open the school later than usual.

How will I know the school is open?

There are a number of ways to check if we are open:

  • Our texting service will inform you via your mobile phone if we are intending to close.
  • The school’s website will have an update.
  • Eagle Radio will provide a school’s closure service.
  • The Surrey CC website has a section on school closures.
  • We will also try to have a message on our telephone answering system if possible.


Should I send my child to school? This is a judgement for individual families based upon your circumstances and the severity of the weather. You will need to consider whether you can safely get your child to school and more importantly if you can safely collect your child at the end of the school day. This will very much depend on the state of roads and where you live.

Last time we had heavy snow a significant factor in school closures was that the Local Authority ran out of salt and grit and driving conditions were treacherous. The difficulty here is that each person will interpret what is dangerous in different ways. The emergency services always define this as- making essential journeys only. During the last snowfall, their services were stretched. Businesses and politicians may take a different view.

If you deem the conditions to be unsafe please inform us and we will view this as an authorised absence.