St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

155 Aldershot Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8YH

Visiting Our School

Visiting our school

Visitors are warmly welcomed to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. You might be visiting as a prospective parent, visiting to help our children’s learning, or visiting from a local school to share good practice. Whatever the purpose of your visit, we require all visitors to our school to read the information below.

Our modern buildings are accessible to all; though we do not allow visitor car parking on site we can often allocate a space if it is required by prior arrangement.

When you come to our school you will be asked to sign our Visitors’ book; part of this signing in is your acknowledgement that you have read and understand the information below and agree to abide by our safeguarding policy. Please make sure you collect a visitors’ badge from the school office when you arrive; we would appreciate your returning it when you leave.

Whilst you are on site:

  • if you are working on site, we expect you to adopt safe working practices,
  • please do not attempt to give First Aid to any child, but inform a member of staff,
  • if you see any health and safety issue please tell staff in the school office,
  • please read and familiarise yourself with fire evacuation procedures,

Note that we do require a DBS check for all visitors working on site unaccompanied.

Nothing is more important than our children’s safety; please read carefully.

If you see anything connected to safeguarding children around our school which concerns you, please ask a member of staff to direct you to a Designated Safeguarding Lead. You will be able to speak to this person to share any concerns about the safety of a child in our school.

Designated Safeguarding Leads are identified on our photo board in the school foyer.

Whenever you are in our school, you are required to follow our safeguarding policy. This includes the following:

  • everything that we all do should ensure that children feel safe, secure, valued and respected
  • whenever an adult is working with a group of children, their activity should be visible and audible: doors must remain open during any group work and internal windows must always be kept entirely clear
  • if you are working with our children, please make sure you work with children in small groups. If your work requires you to work 1:1 with a child, please make sure you work within clear sight of an open door
  • school technology must only be used if the adult has signed our ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’
  • adults must not use social media whilst on school premises
  • mobile phones must not be used at all in classrooms or group rooms; they can only be used in the staffroom or staff offices
  • all mobile phones should be in ‘silent mode’ whilst in our school
  • First Aid should only be given by trained adults: please ask two children to go to the school office to find a First Aider if needed.

Please speak to a member of staff if you have any questions regarding this safeguarding information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this carefully. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.